Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Wedding Under the Bridge

by:Margaret Christi

The drunken homeless girl situated the veil upon her chopped locks. "Lhooks like tahdays the dhay Richee." She mumbled as she threw a look over her shoulder at her homeless fiancé, who was at that moment slipping on a tie he'd found in someone's trash.

"Ima be a mahrried ladee now." She slurred and tilted the mosquito netting, held in her hair by a bobby pin over an eye.

"Let's go now Miss Christi." Yelled Bobbi Joe, the closest thing to a priest they had. He'd been an altar boy as a kid. As Christi moved towards her fiancé, her black dress rustled and emanated a strange smell; little did she know it was embalming fluid.

"Dearly beloved," hooted Bobbi Joe. "We are gathered here today under this here bridge to celebrate the love that thems two peoples feel for each other." Christi smiled at her soon to be husband. His eyes glazed and his thin frame swaying. It was her wedding day, the best day of her life.

Bio: Margaret Christi is a full time SFSU Creative Writing student who is addicted to sweater sets and knee high boots. She is a lazy activist, flaky recycler and believes swimming on a full stomach is the only real fun you can have in this world. She currently resides in the East Bay and her work has been featured on the website MadSwirl.

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