Monday, July 6, 2009

Fairytale Ending

By Dustin LaValley

Once upon a leisurely hike, I came about two small children in the forest. Plump and pale were they, twin siblings of opposite sex. Curiously, secretly, I watched their sticky hands pluck sweet gumdrops from a house of gingerbread and frosting. Through a window I spotted a pair of vile eyes stalking, extricating my curiosity into suspicion. “Run, children, run!” I warned, leaping from my hidden roost. “Run, for surely you have fallen prey to a cannibalistic ol’ witch!” I quickened my approach as the door slid open, revealing a come-hither wave from a wrinkled hand. Stumbling forward I yelled, “No children, for sure it is a trick upon your lives!” Ignorant glances they spared my alarm - as though unaware of my presence the children strolled bug-eyed into a tasty demise, stimulated by sugar-filled desires. Halting to a shut door, I became overwhelmed by a realization - that one can forewarn but one cannot forbid.

Bio:Dustin LaValley is an author, screenwriter and martial artist from upstate New York. His most recent collection of short fiction, Lowlife Underdogs, is available from Raw Dog Screaming Press. Party Girl, his fifth film, is currently in production in Dallas, Texas. Among other academic awards, he is the recipient of the Parnassus Award for Outstanding Excellence in Creative Writing from the State University of New York. Other than writing, Dustin is a practicing Sensei of Shito Ryu karate and Okinawan ju jutsu. He can be found at

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